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So many factors are driving the increased prices of real estate on Vancouver Island. COVID is causing people to leave the cities and work from home in a much safer community. Retirees are relocating to Central Vancouver Island to pursue a life of leisure in Canada's most temperate climate. And the lack of homes on the market cause buyers to compete with one another.

Today, Most home sales start from a buyer searching for a home online. Homeowners planning on selling should become familiar with online Real Estate tools and resources better to understand the current market conditions and similar homes currently listed. Educating yourself as a potential home seller will help make an informed decision about when to list your home and for what price. Use the following links below to see what's currently occurring in the Nanaimo Real Estate Market, and contact us if you have any questions.

"Scott is probably one of the rarest forms of real estate agents one can ever encounter. He has been very communicative of his professional opinions that helped us make prompt decisions, and his strategies has proven successful. I will not hesitate a second to work with him again, and to recommend him to others. Thanks Scott!"

-Saron Kim

Nanaimo Real EstateYour Home Value

Getting a Current Market Analysis (CMA) on your home can help you establish the base price similar dwellings currently listed for sale.  CMA's use data from current listings with comparable square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, and locations and provide a rough price from the aggregate data collected. It's best to have an in-person assessment of your property as computers miss many details that the human eye finds highly desirable. Feel free to schedule an appointment for an in-person evaluation.

Instant Home Value

Nanaimo Real EstateOur Marketing Plan

When selling your home, you must know that over 90% of home buyers start their search online for their next house. Because of online home buyers, having beautiful photos, videos, and advertisements targeting your ideal buyers is essential to sell your home quickly.  Using our home marketing process will get the maximum numbers of buyers looking at your home on the web, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Click the link below to see marketing examples of happy clients on Vancouver Island.

Our Home Marketing Plan

Nanaimo Real EstateYour Next Home?

Where would you like to live after you sell your home? Sometimes it's best to see houses currently for sale before you list your home for sale. Being able to see other homes allows you to prepare your home for sale better by seeing what works. Also, this will help you learn more about where you'll live next. This website checks for new listings every fifteen minutes. Check out the latest listings on Vancouver Island to better understand where other home sellers are setting their prices.

What's On The Market

"Scott works hard to get things done for his clients. He helped us sell our property and purchase a new home in the middle of a pandemic. He also made himself available for any of our questions at all times. Can't say enough to to support this Scott fully here, highly recommend."

-Derek Rogers

Nanaimo Real EstateGet Your Free Home Evaluation:

Having a price set for your home considers many matters that change based on many variables. All houses are unique, and this affects the value of the property. Location, age, and improvements are one component. Another considers the season, current market demand, and competing properties that could be seen as your competitors. Calculating a price range considers these factors and more to create a current market analysis (CMA).

Once you provide us with some necessary information on your home, we will email you a CMA that will cover the following: 

  1.      Comparable properties currently for sale. 
  2.      Pending sales of homes recently on the market.
  3.      Sold properties over the past 12 months.
  4.      Tips for preparing your home to sell. 
  5.      Costs associated with selling your home.

This information will help you better understand the rough price of your home currently. But the price will not consider any changes you've made, which could increase the house's value. Changes such as landscaping, interior painting, renovations, built-ins, and decorating choices can significantly affect the value of your home.

To consider the changes and their impact on the house's value, we will need to visit your home in person.

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