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The elementary schools in the Nanaimo Ladysmith School District are located in some of the most beautiful locations which a child could attend school. Many schools overlook the ocean, old forests, and quiet pastures. Any child would be happy to begin their education at the elementary schools in School District 68, listed below.

The Nanaimo Ladysmith School district is broken into 26 catchment areas and has over 15,250 Students attending 27 Elementary Schools and 6 Secondary Schools. Of these schools, there are 5 French emersion schools offered for parents that want a leg up for their child. There is also Island ConnectED, a distance education school, offering classes for students between kindergarten and grade twelve. Research the schools below to learn where you want your child to go to school when relocating to Nanaimo.

Below you'll find information and rankings for different elementary schools and the homes for sale in their respective catchments areas for School District 68. These areas are subject to change over time, so always confirm that you have the correct catchment area associated with the address of the home you're considering purchasing through the Nanaimo Ladysmith School District and the City of Nanaimo.

Register my child

What you'll Need

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The following documents must be scanned and uploaded as part of the application process: 

1. Proof of citizenship and child's Date of Birth (one of the following)

  • Birth Certificate
  • Canadian Passport
  • Immigration Documents
  • Citizenship Documents

2. Proof of Residency (two of the following)

  • Drivers Licence from British Columbia
  • Tax Assessment
  • Completed contact of Purchase and Sale
  • Residential Tenancy Agreement
  • Utilities Bill
  • Rental Agreement

3. Child Custody/Guardianship
4. Previous Report Cards 


Dates and Online Registration

January 6, 2021, at 8:00 am, the beginning of online registration for the Nanaimo Ladysmith School District. If your child is new to the Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools system or have a child turning five before December 31, 2021, you need to register your child for the catchment area you wish them to attend school. All applications must be received by June 15, 2021.

If you want your child to register in either Late or Early French Emersion, the application must be received before January 31, 2021. The selected students will be decided by lottery, and notification will be sent to the parents of the children chosen to attend in early February 2021.

Secondary Academies (Arts and Athletics) application must be received on or before March 1, 2021, and the students that will partake will be determined either by application or audition/try-outs.
Beach Volleyball • Lottery
Hockey • Lottery
Jazz • Audition
Lacrosse • Try-outs
Performing Arts • Audition
Soccer • Lottery
Notification will be sent to the parents of the children chosen to attend in May 2021.

School transfer requests are due on or before March 1, 2021, through the online application process. This application type includes students looking for placement from out-of-catchment. 


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Can't submit an online application?

Contact the District Administration Center at 395 Wakesiah Avenue, Nanaimo B.C.
CALL: 250.741.5264


Nanaimo Elementary Schools

The elementary schools in Nanaimo and Ladysmith are excellent places to let young minds develop and acquire social skills in a safe and progressive environment. There are many different schools options based on when you choose to live in Nanaimo. Be sure to research where you should own a home in the different catchment areas, so your child has the best possible start. 


Entrance to Bayview Elementary in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principal: Kevin Brand
  • Students: 180+
  • Grades:  Strong Start - 7th 
  • Address:140 View Street
    Nanaimo, V9R 4N6
  • Phone: 250 754-3231

Bay View Elementary School is in Downtown Nanaimo and is a very short distance from home to school for students that live in this catchment area. This is one of the oldest communities and offers a supportive environment for young students looking to grow and learn. Be sure to support the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) when your child attends this school.

Bayview Homes


Wood Sign in shape of a tree in front of Brechin Elementary in Nanaimo

  • Principal: Kim Hart
  • Students: 200+
  • Grades: K - 7th
  • Address: 510 Millstone Avenue
    Nanaimo, V9R 4N6
  • Phone: 250 754-7523

Brechin Elementary School is in a quiet community close to one of the most beautiful parks in downtown Nanaimo, Bowen Park. This community is ideal for families looking for a home with young children who love to walk and bike to school on sunny days. This catchment area is called Brechin and serves a small community in central Nanaimo.

Brechin Homes


Entrance to Cedar Elementary School in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principal: Shona Sneddon
  • Students: 340+
  • Grades: Strong Start - 7th
  • Address: 2215 Gould Road 
    Nanaimo, V9X 1J9
  • Phone: 250 722-2722

Cedar Elementary School is in a rural community that covers a large area of South Nanaimo. Cedar Elementary has a Safe Arrival Program ensuring all absent students are accounted for as well as a Strong Start Program for children under the age of four. Be ready to cheer for the Timberwolves if you buy a home for your family in the Cedar.

Cedar Homes

Chase River

Chase River Elementary School in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principle: Darren Dickie
  • Students: 230+
  • Grades: K-7th
  • Address: 1503 Cranberry Ave. 
    Nanaimo, V9R 6R7
  • Phone: 250 754-6983

Chase River Elementary School serves students and families in the Chase River and Extention Ridge Communities of South Nanaimo. Many students choose to take the bus to this elementary as they live up Extention Road and walking to schools would take too long. Be Ready to support the local Chase River Cheetas teams if you chose to buy a home in this catchment area.

Chase River Homes


View of Departure Bay from Cilaire Elementary School in Nanaimo

  • Principal: Carie Wood
  • Students: 200+
  • Grades: K-7th 
  • Address: 25 Cilaire Drive 
    Nanaimo, V9S 3C9
  • Phone: 250 758-7941

Cilaire Elementary School is found in Beautiful Departure Bay with views of the ferries leaving the Departure Bay Ferry terminal. This highly coveted school is in Central Nanaimo and right next to Beach Estates Park. If you buy a home in this area, your child will be playing for the Cilaire Cyclones on their many great athletic teams.

Cilaire Homes


Entrance to Cinnabar Elementary School in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principal: Diane Charles
  • Students: 300+
  • Grades: K - 7th
  • Address: 1800 Richardson Rd 
    Nanaimo, V9X 1C9
  • Phone: 250 716-1030

Cinnabar Valley Elementary School serves a larger community in the south of Nanaimo. This school adheres to strong academic and athletic education for their young students who live in this rural area. Parents who bought a home in this area delight in cheering for their children playing sports as a Cinnabar Valley Viper!

Cinnabar Homes

Coal Tyee

View of Coal Tyee Elementary School from the Playing Feild

  • Principal: Doug English
  • Students: 350+
  • Grades: K - 7th
  • Address: 2280 Sun Valley Dr 
    Nanaimo, V9T 6P1
  • Phone: 250 729-0450

Coal Tyee Elementary School is in a beautiful community next to an exquisite marshland in Central Nanaimo and is an excellent choice for families wanting the best for their children. The School provides a safe, and caring environment to encourage academic success for every student regardless of learning preference.

Coal Tyee Homes

Departure Bay

View of from the playing field at Departure Bay Elementary School

  • Principle: Annette Noble
  • Students: 280+
  • Grades: K - 7th
  • Address: 3004 Departure Bay 
    Road - Nanaimo, V9T 1B4
  • Phone: 250 758-6541

Departure Bay Elementary Eco-School dedicates its self to education that promotes future opportunities for their students to contribute to themselves and their community. Found in central Nanaimo, this is another highly sought-after communities for families to reside as it's next to Neck Point Park.

Departure Bay Homes

Ecole Hammond Bay

Hammond Bay Elementary School in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principal: Christine Bohm
  • Students: 350+
  • Grades: K - 7th (French Emersion)
  • Address: 1025 Morningside Dr 
    Nanaimo, V9T 1N5
  • Phone: 250 758-5711

Ecole Hammond Bay Elementary School is in one of the most breathtaking areas of Nanaimo. Hammond Bay is one of the most desirable communities to own a home in Nanaimo and is along the Oceanfront. This is one of two Elementary schools in this catchment area but the only French Emersion school in this catchment.

Frank J. Ney Homes

Ecole Pauline Haarer

Pauline Haarer Elementary School Hand Carved Sign in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principal: Shannon Apland
  • Students: 240+
  • Grades: K - 7th (French Emersion)
  • Address: 400 Campbell St 
    Nanaimo, V9R 3G7
  • Phone: 250 754-2722

Ecole Pauline Haarer Elementary School is a fabulous French Emersion school in the heart of downtown Nanaimo. This school offers a vibrant academic life for there students ensuring a bright future as they transition into secondary schools. The School is right downtown near Bowen Park. Let hear a cheer for the Pauline Haarer Dragons!

Fairview Homes

Ecole Quarterway

Entrance to Ecole Quaterway Elementary School in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principal: Michael Lundine
  • Students: 410+
  • Grades: K - 7th (French Emersion)
  • Address: 1632 Bowen Rd 
    Nanaimo, V9S 1G6
  • Phone: 250 754-6845

Ecole Quatereway Elementary School is found in central Nanaimo and boasts over 40 staff to educate their students. Another top French Emersion school in Nanaimo, students can begin learning a second language in sixth grade making high school transition easier. If you choose to live in this community, your child will be extremely well supported!

Fairview Homes


Communnity Garden in front of Fairview Elementary School in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principle: Colette Young
  • Students: 320+
  • Grades: Strong Start - 7th
  • Address: 205 Howard Ave 
    Nanaimo, V9R 3R3
  • Phone: 250 753-3418

Fairview Elementary School is near the Old City Quater in downtown Nanaimo. Nestled in one of the oldest areas of Nanaimo, students benefit from vibrant academic life and a caring staff that help your child get ready for their next steps in life. This School is in a great community for young families looking to buy their first home or families looking to live closer to downtown Nanaimo.

Fairview Homes

Forrest Park

Entrance to Forrest Park Elementary School in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principal: Larry Dean
  • Students: 390+
  • Grades: K-7th 
  • Address: 2050 Latimer Rd 
    Nanaimo, V9S 2W5
  • Phone: 250 758-6892

Forest Park Elementary School is in the Northfield community of Central Nanaimo. This school offers a diverse learning experience for their students and includes a Boys and Girls Club on the campus. Make sure you come out to support your Forrest Park Phantoms!

Forrest Park Homes

Frank J. Ney

New Addition to Frank J. Ney Elementary School in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principal: Jacquie Poulin
  • Students: 280+
  • Grades: Strong Start - 7th
  • Address: 5301 Williamson Rd 
    Nanaimo, V9V 1L1
  • Phone: 250 729-8045

Frank J. Ney Elementary School is in one of the most luxurious areas of the Hammond Bay community. Found in the North of Nanaimo, this elementary school is in a safe neighbourhood and many parks, forests, and natural wonder for your child to enjoy.

Frank J. Ney Homes


Image of Gabriola School coming soon

  • Principal: Rob Hoban
  • Students: 170+
  • Grades: K - 7th
  • Address: Box 130, 680 North Rd
    Gabriola Island, V0R 1X0
  • Phone: 250 247-9342

Gabriola Elementary School is a small kindergarten to seventh-grade school for residents of pristine Gabriola Island found directly off the East Coast of Nanaimo's harbour. Gabriola is one of the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia and has a fantastic artistic curriculum indicative of the Island. 

Georiga Avenue

Entrance to Georgia Avenue Elementary School in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principle: Lisa Frey
  • Students: 350+
  • Grades: Strong Start - 7th
  • Address: 625 Georgia Ave 
    Nanaimo, V9R 3W3
  • Phone: 250 753-1044

Georgia Avenue Elementary School is in the community of Harewood in central Nanaimo. This School is close to Colliery Dam Park and has impressive sports fields and a water park nearby. Come out and watch the Georgia Jaguars tear up the track!

Georgia Ave. Homes


Entrance to McGirr Elementary School in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principal: Gregg Halfyard
  • Students: 400+
  • Grades: Strong Start - 7th 
  • Address: 6199 McGirr Rd 
    Nanaimo, V9V 1C7
  • Phone: 250 758-8946

McGirr Elementary School is a highly coveted elementary school attended by the residents of Dover Bay. Found in the North of Nanaimo, this school in one of the more affluent communities of Nanaimo that generally have higher homes prices than average. Are you a proud parent of a McGirr Mariner?

McGirr Homes

Mountain View

Entrance to Mountain View Elementary School in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principal: Kathy Bergman
  • Students: 400+
  • Grades: K - 7th
  • Address: 2480 E Wellington Rd 
    Nanaimo, V9R 6V6
  • Phone: 250 753-2831

Mountain View Elementary School is in the rural farm communities of East Wellington, near many of the fantastic homes found in Pleasent Valley along Jingle Pot Road. This school focuses on building student's abilities around the academic, artistic and athletic pursuits of your growing child.

Mountain View Homes

Park Avenue

Park Avenue Elementary School entrance in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principal: Robbie Dhillon
  • Students: 330+
  • Grades: K - 7th
  • Address: 395 Eighth St 
    Nanaimo, V9R 1A9
  • Phone: 250 754-5591

Park Avenue Elementary School is a larger school found in the Harewood community of Central Nanaimo. This School has a phenomenal PAC that is heavily involved with the activities of students and teachers. This is an excellent school and area for new families just starting out.

Park Ave. Homes

Pleasant Valley

Pleasent Valley Elementary School in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principle: Diane McGonigle
  • Students: 340+
  • Grades: K-7th
  • Address: 6201 Dunbar Road 
    Nanaimo, V9T 2P2
  • Phone: 250 390-4027

Pleasant Valley Elementary School is in the community of Pleasant Valley in the East of Central Nanaimo. This area is family oriented and desirable for homebuyers looking for a home in a good school catchment. Your child's education will fly high with the Pleasant Valley Eagles.

Pleasant Valley Homes

Randerson Ridge

Entrance to Randerson Ridge Elementary School Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principal: Darren Brick
  • Students: 340+
  • Grades: K-7th 
  • Address: 6021 Nelson Road
    Nanaimo, V9T 5N7
  • Phone: 250 758-5076

Randerson Ridge Elementary School is near the new community of Linley Valley in the North on Nanaimo. This revered area is one of the best comminutes to purchase a home to allow your child to attend this fantastic school. This school is also very close to Oliver Woods community center.

Randerson Ridge Homes

Rock City

Entrance to Rock City Elementary School in Nanaimo B.C.

  • Principal: Eileen Jubinville
  • Students: 370+
  • Grades: K - 7th
  • Address: 3741 Departure Bay 
    Road Nanaimo, V9T 1C5
  • Phone: 250 758-2434

Rock City Elementary School is in the rugged area of Rock City Road near Country Club shopping center. This school mascot is a Tiger, and the school is divided into teams called the Black Bengals, Sapphire Siberians, Mint Malayans, and Crimson Caspians. This Community is one of the best in Nanaimo.

Rock City Homes


Entrance to Seaview Elementary in Lantzville British Columbia

  • Principal: David Cooper
  • Students: 270+
  • Grades: K - 7th
  • Address: 7000 Lantzville School Rd
    Box 340 - Lantzville, V0R 2H0
  • Phone: 250 390-4022

Seaview Elementary School is in Lantville, B.C., a town North of Nanaimo. This community is quiet and offers a high quality of life for families with young children. Found in the heart of Lantzville, Seaview Elementary is centrally located allowing children to walk to school.

Seaview Homes

Uplands Park

Uplands Park Elementary School entrance on a sunny day

  • Principle: Tonia Collins
  • Students: 340+
  • Grades: K-7th
  • Address: 3821 Stronach Dr 
    Nanaimo, V9T 3X4 
  • Phone: 250 758-3252

Uplands Park Elementary School, or better known as UPS, is located in Nothern Nanaimo near Rock City Road and very close to the fantastic Sunshine Ridge community. This area is excellent for young families looking for a home and a safe neighbourhood to raise their children.

Uplands Homes

*Any School information should be confirmed with the Nanaimo Ladysmith Regional School District (District 68). If you want to confirm any real estate is in a particular catchment area, please check the SCHOOL LOCATOR.



Strong Start Program

The strong start is an early year's drop-in program for children under 5 and their parents. There are 8 locations in Nanaimo elementary schools with varying drop-in times. Parents and their children will enjoy songs, stories, art and other activities. This is a great community resource for children and parents. Parents get to meet other parents from their neighbourhoods while providing their children with unique and inspiring learning opportunities. This program is at no cost through the bc government and will help prepare your child for kindergarten.

The Strong Start program is brilliant for new families looking for a drop-in program, but are on a limited budget. Here are the Nanaimo Ladysmith School District elementary schools that offer this program. Owning a home in one of these catchment areas is not required, but being closer to these schools makes this program very valuable to homebuyers with children under 5 year of age.

Here are the local schools that offer the Strong Start drop-in program, as wells as the time and days of the week it's available.

Bay View Elementary 

  • Days of the Week:
  • Monday to Friday
  • Strong Start Hours:
  • 8:45 - 11:45 am

Cedar Elementary 

  • Days of the Week:
  • Monday to Friday
  • Strong Start Hours:
  • 8:45 - 11:45 am

Fairview Elementary 

  • Days of the Week:
  • Monday to Friday
  • Strong Start Hours:
  • 8:45 - 11:45 am

Frank J. Ney Elementary 

  • Days of the Week:
  • Monday to Friday
  • Strong Start Hours:
  • 9:00 am - Noon

Georgia Ave Elementary 

  • Days of the Week:
  • Monday to Friday
  • Strong Start Hours:
  • 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Ladysmith Primary 

  • Days of the Week:
  • Monday to Friday
  • Strong Start Hours:
  • 8:45 - 11:45 am

McGirr Elementary 

  • Days of the Week:
  • Monday to Friday
  • Strong Start Hours:
  • 8:45 - 11:45 am

Quarterway Elementary 

  • Days of the Week:
  • Monday to Friday
  • Strong Start Hours:
  • 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm


Nanaimo Secondary Schools

Nanaimo has four Secondary schools as well as a distance education school called ConnectEd. Each school has a different focus when it comes to athletics. If your teenage child is looking to pursue Basketball, Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, or soccer, please review the schools below and see what the best fit for your child will be. There is another secondary school for residents of Ladysmith, B.C. that supports a smaller student body but offers a vibrant academic life.

Cedar Secondary 

Cedar Community Secondary School entrance on summer day

  • Principal: Darcy Hoff
  • Students: 240+
  • Grades: 8th -12th 
  • Address:1640 MacMillan Road 
    Nanaimo, V9X 1L9
  • Phone: 250 722-2414

Cedar Secondary School is in the Community of Cedar of South Nanaimo. The Class sizes are small, and this offers more attention to each student. When buying a home in Cedar, your teenage child will attend this school and be cheering for the Cedar Senators! Search Homes for sale in Cedar Catchment Area.  

Dover Bay Secondary 

Entrance to Dover Bay Secondary School in August

  • Principal: Don Balcombe
  • Students: 1300+
  • Grades: 8th - 12th
  • Address: 6135 McGirr Road 
    Nanaimo, V9V 1M1
  • Phone: 250 756-4595

Dover Bay Secondary School in the North of Nanaimo in the community of Dover Bay. This school is immensely desirable by parents wanting the best for there child future. The academic, artistic and athletic education received here is second to none. GO DOVER BAY DOLPHINS!  

Island ConnectED 

Nanaimo distance education school, Island ConnectED

  • Principal: Patrick Young
  • Students: n/a
  • Grades: K - 12th
  • Address: 4355 Jingle Pot Rd 
    Nanaimo, V9T 5P4
  • Phone: 250 756-9901

Island ConnectEd School is in Central Nanaimo near Diver Lake Park. This school is for students who require distance education and benefit from a mixed learning environment. If you're living an alternative lifestyle that requires different educational needs, then Island ConnectED is the perfect school. 

John Barsby Secondary 

Entrance to John Barsby Secondary School in the afternoon

  • Principle: Jeff Stewart
  • Students: 600+
  • Grades: 8th - 12th
  • Address: 550 - Seventh Street 
    Nanaimo, V9R 3Z2
  • Phone: 250 753-8211

John Barsby Secondary School is in the heart of the community of Harewood in South Nanaimo. This schools is renowned for it athletics programs and has a phenomenal Football Team, the Bulldogs. If you move to this catchment, your child will love attending this fantastic secondary school.

Ladysmith Secondary 

Photo coming soon

  • Principal: Dave Travers
  • Students: 570+
  • Grades:  8th - 12th 
  • Address: 710 Sixth Avenue, Box 190 
    Ladysmith, V9G 1A2
  • Phone: 250 245-3043

Ladysmith Secondary School is in the small town of Ladysmith which is 20mins south of Nanaimo, B.C. This smaller secondary school allows for excellent teacher attention, curriculum tailored to the student, and a focus on building knowledge about the Aboriginal culture and contributions.  


NDSS on a August Summer day

  • Principal: Geoff Steel
  • Students: 1300+
  • Grades: 8th - 12th
  • Address: 355 Wakesiah Ave 
    Nanaimo, V9R 3K5
  • Phone: 250 740-2000

Nanaimo District Secondary School, or NDSS as it's known locally, is in central Nanaimo and right next to Vancouver Island University. With NDSS's proximity to the local University, the student can access many top-notch facilities the campus offers. NDSS is also right next to the Nanaimo Aquatic Center.  

Wellington Secondary 

Entrance to Wellington Secondary School on a sunny summer day

  • Principal: Chad Lintott
  • Students: 800+
  • Grades: 8th - 12th
  • Address: 3135 Mexicana Rd 
    Nanaimo, V9T 2W8
  • Phone: 250 758-9191

Wellington Secondary School is in Nothern Nanaimo and right next to pristine Long Lake. Many of the students that attend this school live in the Departure Bay and Uplands communities of Nanaimo. Wellington Secondary prides itself on preparing students to transition to post-secondary institutions.