Homebuyer's Guarantee

Your Interests Are Our Interests! 

As your Licensed REALTOR®, we ensure that we will work with complete good faith and honesty while helping you with all of your Real Estate need. Nanaimo is not a large city, we trade on our reputation. Below we describe what you can expect when working with 460 Realty. 

Complete Loyalty:

Your interests as a client are our priority and will even supersede our interests. You come first, period. You are entrusting us with, for most people, the most important financial decision of your life. Of course, we're going to make sure you happy!

No Conflicts:

When buying or selling a home in Nanaimo, we will avoid any situations which may arise that conflicts with my duties to you as your realtor. If any conflicts arise, we will immediately notify you verbally and in writing. Furthermore, we will propose a solution which will ensure your needs are entirely addressed regardless of how it may affect our Brokerage.

Full Disclosure:

When making any decisions in the Nanaimo housing market, we will fully disclose any material information and make you completely aware of how this may affect you as a home buyer or seller. Effectively, our ears are your ears, and our eyes are your eyes. We are here to ensure you are fully informed and empowered to make superb decisions in regards to real estate.


As your realtor, the private information you share with me such as your reasons for buying and selling, the min/max price you willing to pay/accept, or other strategic information, will never be communicated without your express permission. This may sound dark, but any private information you confide in us will go with us to the grave.

Please know, that we look forward to representing you in many transactions as a trusted advisor for many years to come. This relationship starts with a simple meeting to discuss your options as a Nanaimo Real Estate buyer or seller.

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