Top Luxury Neighbourhoods in Nanaimo

Top five Affluent Luxury Communities in Nanaimo, BC

Nanaimo is not known as one of the top luxury destinations in western Canada. There are some spectacular homes and neighbourhoods with prices reaching into the millions found in and around Nanaimo, British Columbia. In Nanaimo, the median cost is around $850,000 currently. But you can find homes that reach the multi-millions in the following neighbourhoods

Stevenson Point 

Stevenson point is found at the entrance to departure Bay and has some of the most spectacular views of the Georgia Strait, Newcastle Island and Departure Bay. Stephenson Point Road and Bonnie Drive have some of the most spectacular high bank oceanfront homes. A typical home with an Oceanview here starts around $1M and can reach $2.5M for an oceanfront house. It's not hard to understand why Stevenson point is minutes from downtown, next to the best park, such as Piper's Lagoon, and is far from traffic in grid streets of cookie-cutter homes.

Rocky Point

Rocky point is found off Hammond Bay Road in the North of Nanaimo. This spectacular neighbourhood has organically designed streets that give stunning visits to the Strait of Georgia. Homes along Fillinger Crescent and Vista View Crescent are some of the most desirable. Homes here overlooking the ocean start at $1M and can go as high as $2.75 million for suitable waterfront property. Families here have some of the top schools for their children to attend within safe walking distance. And the parks such as Walley Creek trail park and Point Point Park are spectacular. 

Dover Bay

Dover Bay is found in the utmost north of Nanaimo. This magnificent community is seen as the top destination for many residents of Nanaimo. Access to shops and amenities, as well as some of the best many waterfronts, make this highly desirable for homeowners, both young and old. Due to multiple condos and townhome choices, retirees have floored this area in addition to families for obvious reasons. Icarus Drive, Ptarmigan Way, and Medd Road have some of the most desirable homes. An Oceanview home here starts around $1.5M and can climb to $4M for the best waterfront. There are many reasons for the high cost: beautiful streets, the best schools, access to shopping and some of the quietest streets in Nanaimo. 

Benson Meadows

This community is far west of Nanaimo at the foot of Mount Benson. This exclusive neighbourhood boasts massive acres of lots with gated driveways; though far from the ocean, it still has spectacular views of both Nanaimo and the ocean. Many homeowners are drawn here looking for privacy and space, far from traffic and crime. Apart from wild animals, I would say this could be the faves neighbourhood in All of Nanaimo. Meadow Way, Jameson Road and Ridgeway Drive have some of the best homes in this neighbourhood. Large homes start at $1.5M here and can climb to 3.5M. It's not hard to see why; many of their homes have water, sewer, and power systems and access to some of the most beautiful forests and hiking trails in Nanaimo. 


Lantzville is no longer part of Nanaimo. However, we will annex them back someday… mark my words. Lantzville is found just minutes north of Nanaimo, off the island highway or accessed off Dickson road. Lantzville is the perfect mainstream town with quiet streets and everything you need, with easy access to all the amenities of North Nanaimo. Some of the best homes here are found off Dickson Drive, Sunbury Road in Lower Lantzville, and Upper Lantzville is known for Copley Ridge. Lantzville is fast becoming the most desirable luxury community in Nanaimo, even though it's now outside of Nanaimo. And it's easy to understand why. Overlooking Nanoose Bay and still having access to all the amenities of north and I will make this the perfect location for your luxury home. 

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