Sunset & Sea Lions | Beachcomber Park

Beachcomber Regional Park, Nanoose, B.C.

Words cannot describe the beauty found at Beachcomber Regional Park in Nanoose. I know; I've tried. I've created the following video in my failing as a writer, captured on May Long weekend. The sunsets are always spectacular in this area, and sea lion sightings are all but assured when visiting the public park. Check out our latest YouTube video of things to do in and around Nanaimo. 

How to get here

Found at the tip of a small peninsula on the coast of Nanoose Bay, the Beachcomber Community is a hidden gem known to few. This area is accessed off of Marina Way by way of Claudet Rd. After following the peaceful country road overgrown with trees, you'll arrive at the Beachcomber Community of Nanoose Bay. 


Sunset at Beachcomber Regional Park with Children silhouetted from setting sunBeachcomber is a quiet, tight-knit community with most residents knowing one another. Everyone takes long strolls along Marina Drive throughout the day and chats with each other as they pass by. Ensure you drive very slow as you arrive in this neighbourhood as the roads are primarily used by pedestrians and cyclists enjoying the refreshing ocean air.

Boatowners and fishermen will love this area due to its proximity to the ocean and calm waters. There's an excellent marina in the area called Sunshine Beach Marina if you wish to look into leasing a boat slip. The seas around Beachcomber are filled with fish and crab. Make sure to keep your fishing license handy when trolling these waters. 

This is a dog lovers' paradise as many homeowners in the Beachcomber Community have a furry friend. You can walk your pet year-round due to the lack of snow as long as they don' mind rain in the winter months. 

Photographers and Influencers 

Selfie of Scott Lissa a Beachcomber Park with sun setting behind him

Beachcomber Regional is very popular with local photographers looking for a breathtaking setting to capture clients' photos. Engagement photos, family portraits, and anniversary pictures are ubiquitous at this park due to the stunning backdrops.

You don't need a professional photographer to get an amazing photo when visiting Beachcomber. If you're looking for a quick selfie, stop by this park between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm, and you'll be greatly rewarded. Please don't judge my selfie too harshly!!!

Real Estate

Sun setting behind large luxury homes overlooking the ocean

Nanoose is an affluent area of Vancouver Island, popular among retirees and couples without children. Most homes for sale are rarely below one million dollars. However, some exceptions exist and require renovations. Below you'll find the latest homes for sale in Nanoose. 

The vast majority of homes for sale in this area of Nanoose are considered luxury houses and are priced as such. These homes can be seen overhanging the rocky shorelines of Nanoose Bay with unobstructed views of the ocean. Wildlife such as orcas is common to see passing through these waters throughout the year. 

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