Secret Waterfall in Nanoose Bay - Live the island Life

Just minutes from the Island highway's Nanoose Bay pullout is one of the most spectacular waterfalls you can reach with little or no effort. Nature lovers will be astounded that they've never visited this little-known location. Make sure you're heading South on Highway 19 toward Nanaimo from Nanoose. If you're heading North, you need to do some backtracking to arrive at the destination link below.

Leave the noise and stress behind as a small dirt path behind the picnic table leads you to our destination. The Wandering path leads you along a babbling brook with stunning towering trees and ferns native to Vancouver Island.

Towards the end of the path, the terrain becomes more challenging, depending on what time of year you visit. After roughly a minute or two, a spectacular view of a cascading waterfall will be your reward.

Rocky cliffs and pristine British Columbia water fill a crystal clear pool of sparkling water. The Bright green of the mossy-covered rocks lining the waterfall as it plunges towards you will take your breath away.

The rocks surround the waterfall are perilous, and I do not recommend climbing them unless you want to sustain injury.

Many secret little waterfalls are hiding along the roadside of Highway 19 on Vancouver Island. Safley pulling over at any small bridge is sure to reward you if you have the time to explore.

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