North Nanaimo versus South Nanaimo | Which area of Nanaimo is Best

North Nanaimo vs. South Nanaimo

Which Area of Nanaimo is Better

People relocate to Nanaimo from all over the world and always have the same question. Is North Nanaimo Better than South Nanaimo? This question is usually prompted because they know someone who lives here or visited and formed an option based on their experience and perspective. But we're here to help you better understand where best to live in Nanaimo based on your lifestyle and needs. 

Waterfront access

Nanaimo Waterfront Types

One of the main reasons people relocate to Nanaimo is to enjoy the ocean. Nanaimo overlooks the Straight of Georgia and has stunning views in both North and South Nanaimo. However, there is a subtle difference in the waterfront areas. South Nanaimo has what’s called a walk-on waterfront. Meaning it’s easy to access by all with little or no effort. North Nanaimo waterfront is steep, rocky and precarious to access if conditions aren’t ideal. So if you want to access the waterfront, North Nanaimo may not be best for you. But the Views are equally as good in Both North and South Nanaimo. 


Aerial View of Ridgeview Elementary in North Nanaimo

Families will always be concerned about the best public school options for their children. Safety is the primary concern with education and activities in a close second and third. Education and activities are excellent in both South and North Nanaimo; however, there are some safety concerns in the southern neighbourhoods of Nanaimo. Please know that I live in South Nanaimo and have no worries for my family's safety. However, being in the city centre can sometimes be trying with the epidemic of addiction that’s affected everyone in some capacity in the last few years. For this reason, North Nanaimo wins by a small margin. 

Recreation Facilities

Golfer at Beban Park Driving Range

Nanaimo Has some of the best municipally-operated facilities in British Columbia. I marvel at the activities available for young and old alike in North and South Nanaimo. North Nanaimo has OliverWoods Community renter close to the north town mall, McGirr. South Nanaimo has Beban park, the Aquatic Centre, The Ice Centre, and all the facilities found around The university and Nanaimo District Secondary School. I live in the south of Nanaimo in College heights and love that I can access many facilities with Ease. This is one of the leading resin I live in the south access for my young children to activities. For this reason, South Nanaimo Wins for Municipal facilities. 

Cost of Living

North Nanaimo Residential Neighbourhood

The cost of living seems only to be increasing, and property taxes are one of those costs that never go down. This is a significant factor when considering where to live in Nanaimo. On average, North Nanaimo has much higher poverty taxes When compared to South Nanaimo. The primary reason for this is the age and quality of the services and streets in North Nanaimo. North Nanaimo has nice sidewalks, underground services, and well-maintained roads. Sound Nanaimo Has pot hole-laden streets, a few sidewalks, and power lines everywhere you look. So the cost of living is lower in South Nanaimo, but would you pay more to have more excellent streets and sidewalks? 

Health Services

Access to healthcare services is essential for everyone at one point in their life or another. The Nanaimo Regional General Hospital is located in Rental Nanaimo, so access to those facilities is equal between north and south. However, most services like clinics, dentists, entomologists, and other health services are found in central or North Nanaimo. A major Blow to South Nanaimo was Caledonia Clinic moving from south to north, and now there are primarily only walk-in clinics found in South Nanaimo. For this reason, North Nanaimo is the winner for health services. 


Entrance to Simonholt Restaurant in North Nanaimo

Nanaimo is beautiful and has many diffident venues to keep you entertained. But your preferences will dictate where you spend most of your time. Bars, pubs and restaurants are best found in the south of Nanaimo. Please like Nanaimo bar, the Corner Lounge, The Nest, and Asteras, all located south of Nanaimo. These are independently owned and unique places to socialize with friends. North Nanaimo has Browns Social House, Cactus Club, Milanos, and Simon Holt. As for restaurants, South Nanaimo for the win. Both Theatres are in North Nanaimo, so movie night is a win for the North. There are multiple other factors we could look at, but Downtown Nanaimo by far has a better social scene than the North of Nanaimo. 

So from our comparison here, the South seems to be the winner. But it doesn’t matter where you live in Nanaimo as everything is only 15 mins away. This comes down to lifestyle and personal preference. If you need help deciding where best for you to move, we're happy to help. Whether you're a retiree looking to enjoy your free time, a family wanting the best for their children, or a student moving to Vancouver Island University, we can help you find the perfect neighbourhood for your future. 

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